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Real estate and homes for you and your furry friends since 1989

Real estate and homes for you and your furry friends since 1989

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Auction with a fixed price for a start, how it works.

At the time of signing the contract define the desired price. After that we will put a starting price according to the real estate market. Buyers make their offers in the direction of increasing prices.

Each person may request to receive information on the current price of the auction. Information received by e-mail wish every time the price changes. A Bidder can simultaneously monitor multiple objects put up for auction.

If a bidder wishes to make an offer, this is done through us by e mail to the direction of increasing prices. Bits remain in force for at least 48 hours. During this time, other members can make their offers. Party may add to its offer conditions, these conditions will be published.

Our Salles person will immediately bring all the offers received to the seller.

All offers made are published on our site. Bitters, have made their proposals and tracking the progress of the sale, receive information about new offers. This open method gives everyone an opportunity to keep abreast of new offerings in almost real time.

The owner may accept or reject the offer in 48 hours after its receipt.

After 48 hours, if approved by the owner of the received proposals, the object is removed from the market. Bidders are watching and bargaining receive notification of approval of the proposal.

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